Seattle, WA

100 W Harrison St
Suite 420, North Tower
Seattle, WA 98119




About Us
SCAN EAST WEST TRAVEL was founded in 1971 by travel industry professionals whose primary interest was to provide superior personalized service  to the leisure and business traveler.

 We are proud to say that mission is still our focus today . . .

Our staff, global and local connections, and our clients benefit program, help our travelers save money while receiving professional assistance. SCAN EAST WEST TRAVEL holds the State of Washington and City of Seattle Vendor Contracts to provide travel services to state and local government travelers. 

The knowledge of experienced travel agents and the "human touch" have not been replaced by technology.  Without a travel agent, you're on your own!

Award winning travel management services:

  • Traveler Personal Profiles
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance
  • Contract rates and traveler benefits with preferred airlines, cars, hotels
  • Agents fluent in English, French, Spanish and German
  • Full-Service Cruise, Honeymoon, Group, Tour and Corporate Travel Divisions

Our Team

Sue Kenney, Manager
Expertise:  Cruise, Europe, Hawaii
Read more about Sue!

Annie Johnson,
Expertise:  Europe, Hawaii

Barbara Jean Phillips,
Expertise:  Europe, Africa, Exotic 

Paula Orr,
Expertise:  Cruise, Family Travel, Europe, Hawaii

Barbara Mertes Nelson,
Expertise:  Corporate Travel

Denine Hughes,
Expertise:  Corporate Travel, Europe

Lisa Stevens,
Expertise:  Corporate Travel
Peggy Petrie,
Expertise:  Family Travel, Intl Exchange Programs, Europe, Hawaii

Charles Mulvehill,
Expertise:  Asia/Mountain Climbing Expeditions,  Intl Airline Specialist

Harry Fetch,
Expertise:  Cruise, Europe, Hawaii


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